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August 21, 2020


​​The market for BLACK is quite steady in both Vietnam and Brazil, but buyers are reluctant. Competitive quotes from Indonesia, despite the shorter crop, are also discouraging interest. It is likely the 2021 harvest in Vietnam will certainly be smaller than this year's production as the sustained low prices have had a substantial impact on farm maintenance efforts. But, barring further deterioration from weather developments between now and then, remaining inventories and production from other origins should not tip us into an undersupply scenario, mitigating a dramatic supply shortage.

There has been a surge in the levels of offers of WHITE from Indonesia; their smaller crop, coupled with greater demand from Europe as a result of perchlorate detentions there, triggered the move.

Other Spices:

Indonesia continues to press CLOVE prices to a level not seen in quite some time. Indian FOENUGREEK is strong. Chinese GARLIC has been more stable. Canadian MUSTARD is firm. Mexico is offering new crop OREGANO. POPPY is slowing coming down as Europe harvests their crops. Inventories here of Hulled Sesame are on the thin side.