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February 5, 2021


​​With Chinese Lunar New Year at the end of next week, there is a slowdown in Vietnamese activity for BLACK. Coupled with freight challenges there is no ability to make shipments before then, and with uncertainty about the market during that time, most sellers are not soliciting business. Out of Brazil there has been a slight relaxation of offers, and there is more interest to finalize transactions.

WHITE has continued to be inactive; perhaps thin inventories of this in the U.S. stems from this recent trend.

Other Spices:

Guatemalan CARDAMOM eased a little, but arrivals in their local markets are not robust. U.S. stocks of CHAMOMILE are limited with new crop coming in a month or two. Nigeria's GINGER quotes advanced. MACE is short here. India's ONION offers eased as new crop arrivals picked up. PIMENTO levels are high, but activity is limited. India's TURMERIC levels firmed.