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March 17 2023

Vietnam's market has been volatile, but has stayed within a range. Brazil's levels have been fairly steady. Although the uncertainty of world banking system hangs over market direction, steady demand should feed the markets upward trajectory. Of course a precipitous decline in consumption - should the situation completely unravel - but assuming the economic uncertainties are resolved by government actions, the current market has little downside exposure. ​

Other Spices:

India's CHILLIE harvest is in full swing; with good internal and export demand it is a strong market. Their CUMIN market is also heading up as carry-over stocks are very limited; the crop is good but overall available quantities should be short against projected demand - there is heavy speculative activity at the moment. Chinese GARLIC quotes have also gone higher with concerns about the coming season. PIMENTO offers remain strong, but there is little activity. The coming Moroccan ROSEMARY harvest will depend on rains over the next few weeks. Indian TURMERIC is available at attractive levels.