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Oct 1 2021


Vietnam's economic decision to ease some of the lockdown restrictions may impact pepper availability soon, but that is not yet apparent. BLACK offers continue to have a wide range, are limited, and the market from there is not active. There has been more focus on Brazil, where the expectation is that new European salmonella restrictions will come into effect in the last few months of the year. As ETO is not allowable there, and other options are expensive, experimental or unreliable, the expectation is that some of their product will find its way to India and Vietnam where it will be sterilized and re-exported. Meanwhile they are getting steady orders for non European destination. WHITE is available from both Vietnam and Indonesia; later shipments are offered at a premium.

Other Spices:

CARAWAY is steady at high levels; Canada is asking for bids. In light of the levels offered from other destinations, CLOVE buyers anticipate Brazil's new crop offers which should be in a few weeks. China anticipates an easing in GINGER pricing when they can start offering new crop in about a month. MSG stocks in the U.S. are tight. We have not seen MUSTARD levels this high for many years. Morocco has very limited stocks of ROSEMARY. New crop STAR ANISE prices continue to ease.