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Nov 12  2021


There is limited activity for BLACK; we are seeing greater interest from some sellers in Vietnam and Brazil to find buyers. More competitive offers are available. Yet some vendors are holding steady and the fact that there are no forward discounts now reflects a generally cautionary tone - the pullback may well be temporary. Vietnam's WHITE is also available at lower levels.

Other Spices:

Guatemalan new crop CARDAMOM levels are holding steady. Canadian CORIANDER quotes jumped; the earlier heat waves and drought have had a big impact on that crop, as they have had on MUSTARD. Egyptian FENNEL prices surged. There is a pullback in freight rates from Qingdao, so GARLIC shippers using that port can do better on pricing, despite steady internal levels. The spot MSG market is very tight; if you are a seller JHE wants to know about it! Only Mexico will sell PIMENTO, but the levels are high. Spain's disappointing new crop of SAFFRON has resulted in a substantial price jump, from the earlier low levels.