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April 12, 2024




Vietnam's quotes have sagged as the market has continued to be inactive. Coffee has been strong there, and those with short positions have been more aggressive selling pepper to get cash. It might continue for awhile but there are signs we may be scraping bottom as China has started to nibble again and other markets will be more active as Ramadan is over. Brazilian offers have been stable; it is a moment where the two origins prices are parallel.

Other Spices:


ANNATTO offers still are scarce, and our market is resistant to pay the high levels. CARAWAY stocks are thin; typically Finland and Canada will start to offer new crop around June with shipments going out late summer. Heat and drought for the last few months in Guatemala are ominous for the CARDAMOM crop in the fall; it is likely to be smaller than this past season's limited production. China is harvesting early GARLIC and there has been some easing in the market; but our early reports are that it should play out to be similar to last year's production and there are no carryover stocks, so.... There are discounted offers available for POPPY to ship in the fall. There is a pause in the strength of Indian TURMERIC, but the supply scenario is not good, and it likely will be temporary.