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Nov 1, 2019


Brazil continues to be the trendsetter for BLACK, as the second Vitoria crop is on the horizon and seems to be good. But, Brazilian sellers, while most competitive at the moment, are resisting bids trying to push levels still lower. Indonesia has now been a little more aggressive and Vietnam has responded - but has not broken through the recent narrow trading range. In general activity remains quite limited, as forward sellers will not discount much from the current levels and buyers are not tempted to commit to positions as they perceive a market that may ease even further.

WHITE has been steady. Indonesia continues to ask for about a 15% premium.

Other Spices:

Canada is making more aggressive quotes for CARAWAY; Finland has made good sales and is reluctant to compete. There is bad news from Guatemala on CARDAMOM; the disrupted rainfall has had a larger than anticipated impact, and pent up demand is greater than anticipated; early arrivals of raw material are of disappointing quality. Brazil's good CLOVE harvest is pulling down the market. Chinese GINGER is strong; Nigerian sellers are still cautious about offering new crop. Indian ONION levels have advanced. China's new crop PAPRIKA is drawing good interest, and prices are stronger. POPPY has been steady.