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July 24, 2020


There is much of the same, with BLACK levels just about at the levels of our last report. The Pandemic seems to have now taken a toll on demand which offsets the concerns about the supply scenario over the coming crop seasons. But the limited recent demand may simply because of the stocks built up during the initial heavy buying that went on as the concerns built in the early Spring. Right now we are in a market where both buyers and sellers are exercising restraint. There is little impetus for a fundamental market change.

WHITE prices eased a little from both main origins.

Other Spices:

With limited Middle East buying CARDAMOM levels had eased, but there has been recent activity and there is limited stock to carry to new crop.   VAA offers have been made now, but at much higher levels.   CELERY is firmer.  Indonesia CLOVES are competitive.  Chinese GARLIC prices keep rising; there are substantial variances in offered levels.   GINGER demand is good, while competitive offers are now hard to find.   

NIGELLA is strong. Mexico continues to be aggressive on PIMENTO.